Huawei releases September 2022 security update details

Huawei has officially listed its September 2022 security patch details on its global portal. In September 2022 EMUI security patch details, Huawei fixes 10 High levels, 7 medium levels of CVEs. While there are no critical and low levels of CVEs found.

Critical: none

High: CVE-2021-39696, CVE-2022-20344, CVE-2022-20346, CVE-2022-20347, CVE-2022-20348, CVE-2022-20349, CVE-2022-20350, CVE-2022-20355, CVE-2022-20358, CVE-2022-22080

Medium: CVE-2021-3609, CVE-2022-1055, CVE-2022-20158, CVE-2022-20368, CVE-2022-20371, CVE-2022-27666, CVE-2022-29581

low: none

Included in previous bulletins: CVE-2022-20219, CVE-2022-21744, CVE-2022-20083, CVE-2022-20126, CVE-2022-20133, CVE-2021-35102, CVE-2021-35120, CVE -2021-30318, CVE-2021-1942, CVE-2021-35104

This security update includes the following HUAWEI patches:

Affected versions: EMUI 10.1.0, EMUI 10.1.1, EMUI 12.0.0, Magic UI 3.1.0, Magic UI 3.1.1 and EMUI 11.

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