Huawei revenue dropped by 28.9 percent year-on-year to RMB 634 billion in 2021

According to the information, Huawei’s 2021 revenue dropped by 28.9% year-on-year to RMB 634 billion; in the fourth quarter, revenue fell 19% to RMB 178.2 billion. This information is claimed by Huawei’s rotating chairman Guo Ping (New Year Speech 2022).

In his speech, it is estimated that the sales revenue in 2021 will be approximately RMB 634 billion. Among them, the operator’s business performance is stable, the corporate business is growing healthily, and the terminal business is rapidly developing new industries.

He said, “We will not change our ideals and pursuits due to changes in the external environment. Exploring the future is the greatest social responsibility of technology companies.”

Facing the new year, Guo Ping pointed out that Huawei must produce more food, strengthen its foundation, continue to invest in the future, and “survive and survive with quality” by creating value for customers and partners.

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The following is the full text of the speech:

In 2021, we have withstood the severe test, strive to create value for customers and society, and improve the quality and efficiency of operation. It is estimated that the annual sales revenue will be approximately RMB 634 billion. Among them, the operator’s business performance is stable, the corporate business is growing healthily, and the terminal business is rapidly developing new industries. Our cooperation with customers and partners continues to deepen, our global business is operating normally, and various reform measures and strategic investments are proceeding in an orderly manner. The company’s overall operating conditions are in line with expectations.

In the past year, global employees have overcome challenges, spared no effort to ensure the supply of equipment and the safe operation of the network, and fulfilled their promises to customers. Kuwait has a high temperature of 50 degrees in summer and cannot be delivered during the day. Huawei people often go to the station to work at 4 a.m.; when the Philippine epidemic is cut off, we charter flights to difficult areas for delivery, and cross the island by various means of transportation such as small steamers and crab boats. , Install equipment; during the Tokyo Olympics, engineers carried more than ten kilograms of equipment on foot to repeatedly test to ensure communications; stick to the front-line team of Malawi, the country of “mosquito tornado”, to help customers solve business difficulties and obtain high recognition; and rescue Henan Huawei employees worked hard to implement the company’s vision and mission with their own actions, such as flooding, going deep into coal mine ports, breaking the limits of algorithms, and ensuring business continuity.

The sharper the beat on the flint, the brighter the light it emits. Here, on behalf of the company’s board of directors, I would like to extend my high regards to all those who have worked hard and contributors, and express my heartfelt gratitude to all customers, governments, business partners, and consumers who trust and support Huawei, and to those who silently support Huawei. Salute to the employees’ family members!

Looking to the future, the digital economy has become the main engine of global economic growth, and green and low-carbon has become a new driving force for sustainable development. The integration of industry digitization and green will bring huge development opportunities to the information processing and communication industries; at the same time, The external environment continues to be turbulent, and the ICT industry is facing challenges such as technological politicization and globalization. We must maintain strategic determination and rationally respond to external force majeure.

We will not change our ideals and pursuits because of changes in the external environment. Exploring the future is the biggest social responsibility of science and technology companies. We must strive to explore the endless frontiers of science and technology, open cooperation with the world, and break through basic theoretical limits and engineering bottlenecks; we are also committed to applying ICT technology to thousands of industries through digitalization and intelligence. Upgrading and green energy saving and emission reduction create incremental value for all walks of life, so that everyone can benefit from technological progress.

Strategically, Huawei insists on focusing on ICT infrastructure and smart terminals. While maintaining the advantages of a large platform, through pilot operations of industrial subsidiaries and legions, it shortens the management chain, quickly meets customer needs, and creates commercial and social value. Within the company, the Legion represents the industry to find suitable technologies; for customers, the Legion represents Huawei and partners to find solutions to problems. Bring the simplicity to the customer, and leave the complexity to yourself.

In 2022, we are still facing a series of challenges. We will work closely with our global partners and make unremitting efforts to overcome the difficulties together. In the new year, we must produce more food, strengthen our foundation, continue to invest in the future, and “survive and survive with quality” by creating value for customers and partners.

Create value for customers and produce more food. Huawei works with global operators, government and enterprise customers, and partners to build a green, minimalist, and smart ICT infrastructure to help the digital transformation of the entire industry; focus on key industries, deeply integrate ICT technology and industry scenarios, and work with partners to meet the differentiated needs of customers, To create industry value together; smart terminals insist on high-quality, strengthen the long-board, develop scene-oriented and ecological, and provide consumers with an excellent experience; the digital energy industry integrates digital technology and power electronics technology to develop Qingyuan and energy Digitization, to build a green and beautiful future; Huawei Cloud works with partners and developers to provide customers with stable, reliable, safe and reliable cloud services, and continuous innovation; Smart car solution business focuses on ICT technology, and is a supplier of incremental components. Help car companies build and sell good cars. By continuing to create value for customers, we are confident that we will produce more food and survive difficult times, just like Heine’s poem: what is taken away in winter will return in spring.

Adhere to win-win cooperation, build an open ecosystem, and grow together with partners. Create a software ecosystem for digital infrastructure around Euler, build an ecosystem oriented to a multi-terminal environment based on HarmonyOS, adhere to open source and openness, so that all software developers can use, contribute and benefit, and jointly build a smart world with all things connected; Build online developer communities and offline innovation centers, create scenario-based solutions that meet customer needs, and support developers to continue to provide consumers with innovative experiences; continue to promote and maintain global unified technical standards; inspire and support with a long-term perspective Channel partners; actively support and develop global high-quality suppliers, work together and move forward hand in hand. Only if our customers and partners succeed, will Huawei succeed.

Create social value, build safety and credibility, and improve the business environment. We support the digital transformation of the industry, promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, and enable digital technology to benefit more people, so that coal miners have no safety concerns, and dock workers have a better working environment, so that steelworkers can make steel by “wearing suits”; through Actions such as Future Seeds, ICT Academy, and Women in Science and Technology will help the locals cultivate digital talents; use intelligent and low-carbon technologies to help green and sustainable development and protect the natural environment. Huawei builds security, trustworthiness and privacy protection capabilities in the product life cycle, and promotes global cooperation and unified security standards. We also continue to open communication with governments and the media to enhance trust and understanding.

Continue strategic investment to build future capabilities . We must focus on the core, open up the periphery, firm strategic investment, and maintain long-term competitiveness; increase investment in “Hongmeng + Euler”, build the root of the basic software of the digital world, and provide the world with a second choice; increase the root technology of digital energy Investment, the development of clean energy and the promotion of the digitalization of traditional energy two-wheel drive… High-quality survival can not be achieved only by saving food and clothing. By insisting on strategic investment, strengthening oneself can have a future.

Promote organizational changes and strengthen customer base . Serving customers is the only reason for Huawei’s existence. We cannot decide the choice of customers, but we must serve the customers who choose Huawei well. The goal of organizational change is to better serve customers, centering on the advancement of combat command power, realizing elite operations under a large platform, and fully stimulating frontline vitality. In 2022, we will comprehensively promote the “contract conclusion in the representative office” and realize the independent operation of the representative office. The next stage will start the exploration of the comprehensive business reform of the representative office; firmly grasp the grassroots experience, front-line practical experience and overseas successful experience of the organization and organization, and draw the cadres and experts to the front line of serving customers. We must do a good job in building customer satisfaction, and must not consume customer support and sympathy, but double the return with innovative products and high-quality services.

Open to attract global talents and fully stimulate the potential of internal talents . Carrying out top competitions, recruiting talents from all over the world, complementing and improving talents in key fields such as software, algorithms, and computing power; we encourage aspirants to devote themselves to science and explore uncertain issues, and we also encourage outstanding talents to come to the front line to solve specific technical and business problems , In the incentive policy, take responsibility and result as the guide, but do not judge success or failure; to create an open ideological atmosphere and promote a multi-gene culture, it is necessary to make good use of old industry experts and cultivate outstanding young people. Managers and experts should take the initiative Drink plenty of coffee with new employees to help them broaden their horizons; we need to optimize the operation of the expert committee so that experts have decision-making power in the first line of operations and generate value in operations. It is also necessary to maintain the relative stability of the professional team so that the active and willing old employees continue to shine. We obtain reasonable returns by creating value for customers, provide first-class talents with first-class treatment, continue to innovate and make breakthroughs, and make more contributions to the society.

We must adhere to the principle of being a struggler. We must give more care to employees in areas with great work challenges, especially those in difficult areas overseas, improve the working and living environment, make reasonable work and vacation arrangements, and protect employees’ physical and mental health.

If the road is long and hindered, the line will come; if you do not stop, the future can be expected. Choosing Huawei means choosing a life pursuit. We are walking on a rough road that is worth fighting for. No retreat is the road to victory. Let us work together with customers and partners to bring the digital world to everyone, every family, and every organization, to build a smart world with all things connected and create a better life.

I wish you all a Happy New Year!


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