Huawei Router AX6 and Q6 cable version is on sale

Last month, the Chinese tech giant Huawei listed two routers on its portfolio- Huawei Router AX6 and Q6 network cable version. The former is an ordinary home routing product with a pre-sale price of 549 yuan; the second one is designed by Huawei for large apartments, using a combination of sub-mother routing. The price of 1 mother and 3 subsets is 1699 yuan.

The Huawei router AX6 supports dual-band Wi-Fi 6+ 7200Mbps, 8 independent signal amplifiers, and also has a HarmonyOS interactive interface.

Huawei router AX6 supports dual-band 4*4 MIMO, 4K QAM, 160MHz ultra-wide bandwidth, and is compatible with Wi-Fi 5 160MHz bandwidth; it is equipped with a total of 8 high-performance signal amplifiers in 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels.

In terms of functions, Huawei Router AX6 supports Huawei GameTurbo 2.0 technology, intelligently identifies popular mobile games and joins the fast lane, reducing the delay and packet loss rate by 20%; supports children’s Internet devices for time and behavior management, and can also block bad websites.

Huawei router Q6 network cable version (1 mother 3 sub-set) contains 1 mother router, 1 Pro version sub-router and 2 standard version sub-routers. The sub-router supports Huawei WiFi 6+3000Mbps, 160MHz ultra-wide bandwidth, the standard version has 2 signal amplifiers, and the Pro version has 4 signal amplifiers.

Huawei Router AX6
Huawei Router AX6

Note: The sale is on JD website.

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