Huawei Router AX6 Pro sale details

Huawei has now confirmed the sale details of the router AX6 Pro. Reportedly, this router will be available for sale on February 24. The pre-sale price is 699 yuan.

Huawei router AX6 Pro supports Wi-Fi6+, 7200 megabit network, 8 data streams for simultaneous data transmission, and supports the latest 4K-QAM data compression technology, increasing the speed by 140%. The rate will be 2.4GHz is 1376Mbps, the theoretical rate at 5GHz is 5765Mbps, and the total theoretical negotiation rate is 7141Mbps .

It supports Lingxi Dual Wi-Fi , which is said to be comparable to Wi-Fi 7’s MLO (Multiple Connection Mode) technology, and can use the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands to transmit data at the same time. At the same time, this product is the first to use dual-band 4×4&4K QAM modulation, and 8 data streams can transmit data at the same time, increasing the rate by 140% (compared to AX3 Pro).

Huawei Router AX6 Pro
Huawei Router AX6 Pro

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