Huawei routers HarmonyOS 3.0 update will optimize four key performances

According to the information, Huawei routers will get the HarmonyOS 3.0 update and it will optimize four key performances at a time.

This upgrade is mainly for Huawei Router Q6 series, Huawei Router AX6, and Huawei Router AX3 Pro. To experience it the device must be upgraded to HarmonyOS 2.

1)  Parents can check their children’s online status in real time on the mobile phone desktop, and they can also disconnect from the Internet with one click.

2) Huawei routers will support one-click import of floor plans and view network coverage. The visual intelligent diagnosis function ushers in a new upgrade. It can be generated according to the room type with one click, supporting 1 million+ real estate, 12 million+ house type data, covering 160+ cities.

3) After upgrading Huawei routers to HarmonyOS 3.0, it optimizes the memory management and CPU scheduling mechanism for multi-device Internet access scenarios. Also, add a new self-healing algorithm, which claims to improve network stability by 50%.

4) The upgrade will improve the signal tracking and positioning algorithm, which can accurately guide Huawei smart home devices to connect to routers with better distance and signal.

Huawei smart home devices include Huawei HarmonyOS Connect devices such as smart door locks, cameras, smart sockets, and more.

Huawei Router HarmonyOS 3

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