Huawei S-Tag professional motion sensor officially launched

During the launch event of the Mate Xs 2 global, Huawei launched a professional motion sensor – Huawei S-Tag. The Huawei S-Tag is positioned as a compact and feature-rich smart tag. Unlike the Apple AirTag, the Huawei S-Tag is designed for specific sports and can detect sports data when connected to smart devices such as smartwatches or smartphones.

Huawei S-Tag is powered by a 9-axis sensor, which can control running technology by reading the movements of the user’s feet and waist.

In addition, the sensor adopts a split design, the sensor body weighs only 7.5 grams and can be submerged in 50 meters of water. Users can also use different clips to clip the sensor to clothes, shoes, bicycle tire spokes, etc.

Huawei S-Tag image 1 Huawei S-Tag

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