Huawei sales staff: Number of AITO M5 orders has exceeded 6000

According to the latest information, Huawei authorized experience store sales staff said that the current number of AITO M5 orders nationwide has exceeded 6000. At the Huawei Winter Flagship New Product Launch Conference held on December 23, AITO M5 smart luxury SUV was released. Among them, the pre-subsidized pre-sale price of the rear-wheel-drive standard version is 250,000 yuan, and the pre-subsidized pre-sale prices of the four-wheel-drive performance version and four-wheel drive flagship version are 280,000 yuan and 320,000 yuan, respectively.

AITO M5 is equipped with the latest HarmonyOS 2 system and has 128GB storage space. The three screens in the car are a 10.25-inch LCD instrument, a 15.6-inch central control screen and an optional HUD.

AITO M5 image

If compared with Android and Linux, the biggest difference between the HarmonyOS cockpit is the smooth experience and the convenience brought by the combination of software and hardware. With common operations such as sliding adjustment, opening applications, and voice recognition, this set of Hongmeng OS 2 does not have any lag, which is basically the same as the experience of using a tablet. With the addition of HUAWEI Share App, the vehicle can link with Huawei’s smart devices to realize the flow of content and scenes.

In addition, AITO M5 is equipped with a new on-board map service Petal Maps, which brings HarmonyOS smart cockpit smart navigation experience to car owners , enabling easy connection of navigation tasks between mobile phones and vehicles.


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