Huawei Secures Top Spot in Global Data NFVI Competitiveness Report for Four Consecutive Years

GlobalData, a consulting organization, recently released the highly anticipated 2023 “NFVI/Telecom Cloud Infrastructure Competitiveness Assessment Report.” This comprehensive report evaluates telecom cloud platform vendors on multiple dimensions, including architecture, carrier-class capabilities, management, market presence, performance, and professional services.

Huawei with its industry-leading telecom cloud solutions and well-established business cases, once again emerged as the global leader. The company received the highest rating and achieved full scores in all dimensions, solidifying its position at the forefront of the NFVI (Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure) field for an impressive four years in a row.

The report highlighted the importance of upgrading the telecom cloud infrastructure to meet the ever-growing traffic demands. It emphasized the need for automated network functions, high performance, high reliability, and flexibility for deployment and expansion in both central and edge data centers.

Huawei was acknowledged as an industry leader in the telecom cloud field, commending its efforts in enabling operators to integrate physical and virtualized data centers, optimize service platforms, enhance IT infrastructure value, and improve service quality.

Regarding architecture, Huawei’s dual-stack container solution adheres to the ETSI standard framework. It supports flexible deployment of virtual machines and containers, resource sharing for networks and storage, protection of existing investments, accelerated service launches, and a deterministic architecture for addressing uncertainties and ensuring smooth container evolution.

At the carrier level, Huawei’s carrier-grade PaaS solution incorporates key technologies like programmable high-performance frameworks, sub-health detection, cross-layer fault demarcation, and storage bypass. It supports multi-tenancy, VNF orchestration, high-performance networking, and online upgrades, enhancing carrier-grade cloud-native capabilities.

For management purposes, Huawei employs a unified platform that enables graphical orchestration, one-click network deployment, automatic scaling, flexible policy management, and automated CI/CD. These features enhance network management and streamline operations and maintenance.

Huawei actively participates in standards and open-source organizations in the telecom cloud field and has played a significant role in global commercial deployments. Collaborating with industry partners, Huawei promotes industry virtualization and digital transformation strategies.

With the advent of the 5.5G era, the telecom cloud infrastructure becomes increasingly crucial as the foundation for new services and scenarios. Huawei remains committed to driving innovative telecom cloud solutions and commercial practices for 5.5G evolution. Its aim is to assist global operators in accelerating 5.5G service innovation, building competitive advantages, and achieving commercial success.

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Huawei Secures Top Spot in Global Data NFVI Competitiveness

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