Huawei service offer: 79 yuan for battery replacement, 20% off warranty spare parts until June 16, 2021

According to the official information, Huawei will start the service gratitude feedback season from now until June 16, 2021. It will provide 20% off spare parts, free disinfection and cleaning, and battery replacement.

Including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, smart wearable products. At the same time Honor brand also participates in the event and providing the same discounts, but do not include the latest Honor V40 models.

The first item of this event is a 20% discount on out-of-warranty repair spare parts . If you need to replace some accessories of the specified models, you can enjoy a 20% discount. The rear camera assembly of Huawei Mate 30 is priced at 494 yuan, the front camera is only priced at 8 yuan, and the 6+128G motherboard is priced at 879 yuan. Huawei P30 mobile phone rear shell is priced at 130-178 yuan, rear camera is 356 yuan, front camera is 38 yuan.

The second activity is ” Battery Renewal “. A variety of mobile phones and tablet PCs will be replaced after-sales, starting at 79 yuan (including labor costs). The content of the event is the designated models of Huawei and Honor smartphones and tablet products in mainland China. It can be seen that the price of most mobile phone batteries is 79 yuan or 99 yuan, but does not include Huawei Mate 40 series and Honor V40.

The third activity item is free disinfection, free cleaning, and free testing. Consumers can also participate in Huawei customer service centers and service stores.

Huawei Service Offer

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