Huawei Service Policy Updated – What’s New?

Huawei has updated its service policies, including the warranty extension policy, free return service, and repair service.

Warranty Extension Policy:

Huawei devices including, Mobile phones, Notebooks, Tablets, Smart wearables, Smart homes, Smart screens, and other terminal products whose warranty period expires on January 1, 2020, the warranty period will be extended to March 31, 2020.

Free return service
If the user is inconvenient to pick up the device again after repairing at the store, he can contact the service store to apply for a mail pick-up support. The service store will provide the user with free return service after the repair is completed.

Note: Huawei recommends that users contact the service store in advance to confirm.

Consignment service
If the user is inconvenient to visit the store, you can use Huawei’s repair service to apply for one-click pick-up at the door, free of two-way logistics costs, and return it after repair and disinfection.

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