Huawei shares the preview of wearable effect patent

Huawei published the new patent related to the “A preview method, electronic device and system” on March 17 at the State Intellectual Property Office. The patent contains publication number CN115808997A.

In the patent image below, you can check how Huawei illustrated the method of how faster and more convenient preview interface users will get in the future. The future smartwatch will be an easier-to-operate, more humanized and will get more friendly interactive experience.

Here’s the key details [Translated]

  • The first device can enable the shooting preview function, collect and recognize the outline of the second device (or the outline of the screen) or the image of the part where the second device is worn (such as the user’s wrist);
  • Then the first device adopts the image processing technology, and in the shooting preview interface, displays a screen in which the desktop theme image of the desktop option selected by the user is overlaid on the second device or at the corresponding position of the user’s body.

Huawei shares the preview of wearable effect patent 1

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