Huawei: Shengsi MindSpore will integrate into the HarmonyOS and Euler ecosystems

As we know that Huawei’s AI framework, MindSpore, has been open source for two years. From March 26th to 27th, the Shengsi MindSpore TechDay event was held online. Huawei announced the current open-source progress and next steps for developers.

According to Huawei data, at present, the number of developers of Shengsi MindSpore has exceeded 640,000, with nearly 1,500 core contributors and 740 external contributors. As of March 2022, the MindSpore community downloads exceeded 1.4 million, with over 4,000 community contributors, over 5,000 service companies, and cooperation with more than 120 scientific research institutes.

According to Jin Xuefeng, chief architect of Shengsi MindSpore, there will be four changes in the next step in the capabilities of Shengsi MindSpore.

New AI programming languages ​​may be released this year. The programming language is currently in beta testing. As for when it will be released, Jin Xuefeng said that it is not in a hurry, and it will be released after the performance and ease of use of the programming language meet certain requirements.

Shengsi MindSpore will integrate into the HarmonyOS and Euler ecosystems this year as a built-in AI engine . “In Huawei’s digital base system, HarmonyOS is the base of the entire terminal, Euler is the base of the entire ICT, and the integration of Shengsi MindSpore will truly integrate the end, edge, and cloud. Huawei will release ‘AI + scientific computing’ + Data Analytics’ converged solution.”

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