Huawei signed contracts with 6 manufacturers to develop an industry

According to the Huawei Developer Alliance, on April 15, the first OpenAtom OpenHarmony (“OpenHarmony”) ecological enabling signing event was held in Shenzhen.

Under the guidance of the OpenHarmony Working Committee, Huawei and 6 OpenHarmony distribution manufacturers, including Ausiwei, Honghu Wanlian, Kaihong Zhigu, Runhe Software, Shenzhen Kaihong, and Tongxin Software (in alphabetical order), have issued industry-specific releases.

At the same time, we announced the opening of Huawei’s technology accumulation and rich experience in the field of operating system development, enabling the first six partners to develop OpenHarmony-based industry distributions.

OpenHarmony is building a terminal equipment ecosystem for the consumer market and industry market, providing a unified and integrated digital innovation basic platform for industries including personal consumption, medical care, finance, energy, industry, transportation, etc., which will cover the next generation of intelligent home, travel, sports Health, entertainment, office, education, social shopping, industrial production, and other scenarios.

In 2022, the six OpenHarmony distribution vendors signed this time will launch commercial distributions based on OpenHarmony for multiple industries.

Austrian Thinking: Plans to launch the first commercial release of MILOS for general industrial and IoT applications in May.

Honghu Wanlian: It plans to release the first commercial version of OpenHarmony for commercial display industry terminals in mid-April this year.

Kaihong Zhigu: It has successively launched OpenHarmony education, transportation, industry, smart city, agriculture and other industry distributions, and released model cases and industry solutions.

Runhe Software: HiHopeOS industry distributions based on OpenHarmony will be launched successively, such as OpenHarmony distributions for industries such as finance, education and energy.

Shenzhen Kaihong: Based on OpenHarmony, KaihongOS will be launched focusing on eight fields including finance, government affairs, and industrial control, and the business ecosystem will enter a stage of rapid development.

Tongxin Software: It plans to launch OpenHarmony intelligent terminal operating systems and solutions for education, finance, transportation, energy, electricity, telecommunications, government affairs and other industries.

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