Huawei smart glasses launching on December 23

Huawei’s new event is set to start on December 23. In this event, the company will launch the Huawei Matebook X Pro. Huawei has officially introduced that “Huawei’s smart glasses” powered by HarmonyOS is also on the list.

According to the official warm-up video, Huawei smart glasses support lens replacement, and the left and right glasses frames are equipped with sound units. Huawei has released two generations of smart glasses, but they are all in cooperation with the glasses brand Gentle Monster. Huawei named the new product “Huawei Smart Glasses”, and there is no glasses brand logo, and it may be a brand new product series.

Huawei’s previously released Gentle Monster X HUAWEI Eyewear II smart glasses are priced at 2499 yuan-2699 yuan, including 4 sunglasses and 9 optical glasses, and support functions such as listening to music and intelligent voice reminders.

Huawei smart glasses Huawei smart glasses-1 Huawei smart glasses-2 Huawei smart glasses-3

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