Huawei Smart Screen V Series 2021 launched with 24MP pop up camera, 9 speakers, Harmony OS and more

On April 8, 2021, Huawei has officially launched the new V series (V55, V65, V75 and V85) Smart Screen that brings Devialet audio technology, 120Hz refresh rate, 9 audio systems, and more.

Huawei and Devialet jointly defined the industry’s first standard for good TV sound. Based on the four dimensions of vibration, balance, fidelity, and immersion, the new generation of Huawei’s smart screen V-series 75/85-inch models scored as high as 92.8 points, reaching dream’s good sound standard.

The new generation of Huawei Smart Screen V series is not only equipped with a 9-unit audio system jointly designed by Devialet, with a maximum power of 75W and a low-frequency design with a maximum of 30W subwoofer. It is also the first batch of smart screens (65 inches and The above models support), bringing more shocking cinema-level sound effects.​​​

Huawei Smart Screen V Series TV

The new Huawei smart screen V series is equipped with 24MP ultra-wide-angle AI eyes pop up, and its recognition ability has been greatly upgraded. It has been upgraded from single-person recognition to maximum three-person recognition. It supports up to three simultaneous AI fitness and 3D AI games

AI Kids is upgraded synchronously, a new child mode and remote management of parents, real-time monitoring of children’s sitting posture and distance while watching movies and take good care of children’s eye health. ​​​

A new generation of Huawei Smart Screen V series brings an experience of class on the big screen, you can attend the calls in real time and also manage the screen as a mobile office like multi-device collaboration.

Huawei Smart Screen V Series Pricing Details:

  • Huawei V55 Smart Screen – 5499 Yuan
  • Huawei V65 Smart Screen – 7999 Yuan
  • Huawei V75 Smart Screen – 13999 Yuan
  • Huawei V85 Smart Screen – 21999 Yuan

Huawei V55 Smart Screen Price Huawei V65 Smart Screen Price

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