Huawei starts smartphone and tablet Rear Case Replacement service, with a minimum of 1 yuan

According to the official information, Huawei launched a mobile phone, tablet, and other back case replacement services. After the designated models are out of warranty, you can enjoy the replacement of the back case from 1 yuan. The event time ends on December 21, 2021.

According to Huawei’s official website, in order to solve the problems of wear, scratches, and dirt caused by the long-term use of the back cases of consumer phones and tablets, Huawei has launched a “renewal of the back case” campaign for some models, such as your device’s out-of-warranty. In case of failure, you need to disassemble the device to repair other parts except for the rear case. After the warranty repair is completed, you can enjoy the replacement of the rear case starting at 1 yuan to make the device look new.

For the prices of some models, please refer to the event page of Huawei’s official website for details:

The conditions for participation in this event are:

  • Official product
  • The product has an out-of-warranty failure

Rear Case Replacement Huawei cost

Huawei also reminded that each device can only participate once with the serial number, and the device after warranty repair does not support participation in this activity.



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