Huawei Surpasses Samsung to hold most patents in 2019

According to the European Patent Office (EPO) report, in 2019 a total of more than 181,000 patents were filed. Huawei leads at the top of the list with a total of 3,524 applications. The main patent companies are based in the US, Germany, Japan, and China.

In second place is Samsung with 2.858, while LG comes in third with 2.817. In the top ten, we will find well-known companies in the field of smartphones such as Qualcomm and Sony.

These figures clearly show that Huawei is investing a lot of money in R&D. Huawei deals not only with smartphones but with digital technologies in general.

According to EPO, the digital communications sector saw annual growth of 19.6%. An increase of 10.2% was also observed in the field of computer technology. The Chinese company is active in both of these areas.

In 2006, the leading field of applications for new patents was medical. This sector saw an increase of only 0.9% this year. However, this is very reasonable, because of 5G and AI, digital communications and computer technologies cover a great deal of R&D.

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