Huawei suspected of tracking MWC23 visitors, check the spokesperson reply

At the MWC 2023, several visitors to Huawei’s booth claimed that electronic chips were found attached to their lanyards even few recorded the video.

Huawei ask visitors to return those id cards back and small plastic containers were not meant to be taken apart. The chip was found inside the id card. It’s speculated that Huawei may be using Beacon technology at its booth, which relies on low-power signals for tracking over distances of up to 70 meters. The back of the Huawei badge at MWC mentions the use of local-area radio systems that could be used for tracking.

The back of the Huawei badge does refer to the use of local-area radio systems that could aid tracking. It reads: “We use RFID and Bluetooth technology to collect the swipe time of this Huawei Card at the entrance of Huawei exhibition area, real-time location information and the residence time information of this Huawei Card holders within Huawei exhibition area, such information will be collected and processed only for the purpose of analyzing the overall interests of our invitees in our products to enhance our service quality. We will protect such information according to our Privacy Policy.”

But Huawei spokesperson claimed that the pass is only used in the booth and is returned when visitors leave.

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