Huawei to bring Cloud and AI Business Group in Korea this year; Enterprise division

According to The Elec report, Huawei will bring a cloud and AI business group in South Korea this year. The GPU server market is currently dominated by the NVIDIA. Huawei is currently recruiting experts for this new organization, including former and current employees and executives from NVidia.

Huawei unveiled it’s Ascend 910 in August 2019, calling it the world’s most high-quality AI processor. Ascend 910 recorded a speed of 256TeraFLOPS. This is about twice the speed of NVidia’s GPU Tesla V100. Ascend 910 is made via the 7nm+ technology, while Tesla V100 is with the 12nm.

After that, the company has unveiled,

  • Atlas 900 – the world’s fastest AI training cluster.
  • Kunpeng 920 – Based on ARMv8 architecture, and formed of the 2.6GHz 64 Core. Power efficiency was improved 30% in this model, according to Huawei. On the same day, Huawei released the Taishan server series, which is run by Kunpeng 920.

In 2019, Huawei created an umbrella Cloud & AI Business Group at its headquarters. Carriers, BG, Enterprise BG, Network& Solution, along with ICT businesses all belong to this group.

According to the information, Huawei Korea is formed of three different divisions: Carriers, Enterprise and Consumer. The new Cloud & AI BG in Korea will belong under the Enterprise division.


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