Huawei to cultivate more than 3 million new computing talents in the next 3 years

During the 5th Digital China Construction Summit, Mr. Hu Houkun (Ken Hu), the rotating chairman of Huawei recently gave a keynote speech on “Building China’s Digital Road Together” at the main forum.

According to him for now there is a lot of shortage of digital talents in China which has exceeded 11 million. With the rapid advancement of digitalization in various industries, the shortage of talents will continue to expand, especially for professional talents and cross-border compound talents.

Mr. Hu Houkun said that Huawei has established ICT academies in cooperation with more than 2,000 universities around the world. In China, we cooperate with the Ministry of Education on the “Smart Base” project to promote the integration of Kunpeng, Shengteng, and other root technologies into teaching, and cultivate independent technical talents from the source.

“In the next three years, we will further cultivate more than 3 million new computing talents through the integration of production and education, collaborative education and other methods to help the industry continue to innovate and develop.” Hu Houkun said.

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Meanwhile, Huawei Talent Online Platform provides a full range of ICT talent learning and certification services, and 580,000 people have passed Huawei certification.

It is reported that the acceleration plan will cover 500 colleges and universities within three years and cultivate millions of Euler talents.

Mr Hu Houkun

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