Huawei together with TeleTalk to launch 5G service in Bangladesh

TeleTalk, a telecom operator in Bangladesh together with Huawei to officially launch 5G services in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Huawei said that in the initial stage, 5G networks will be deployed in places such as the Capitol, the Prime Minister’s Office, and the National Monument, and will expand coverage in the next year.

During this special event, a temporary 5G site was opened. The audience experienced AR/VR services, learned about 5G use cases, and experienced high transmission rates and 4-10ms low-latency services.

Last month, Huawei’s chairman Liang Hua said that 1.5 million 5G sites have been deployed worldwide, and a total of 176 5G commercial networks are providing 5G services to 520 million users.

Huawei 5G - Teletalk Bangladesh


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