Huawei: UBB5.5G Maximizes Digital Productivity

On October 12, 2023, at the 9th Ultra-Broadband Forum (UBBF 2023), David Wang, Huawei’s Executive Director of the Board and Chairman of the ICT Infrastructure Managing Board, delivered a keynote titled “UBB5.5G Maximizes Digital Productivity” on the ultra-broadband industry’s latest developments and best practices.

During this keynote, he shared his viewpoints on the strategic direction that ultra-broadband (UBB) is currently moving in – upgrading networks, accelerating the widespread application of digital technologies, and maximizing digital productivity.

Huawei: UBB5.5G Maximizes Digital Productivity Key Terms

  • First, ubiquitous 10-gigabit access
  • Ubiquitous 10-gigabit access
  • Hyper-converged data centers
  • Telecom large models

Huawei UBB5.5G

Wang said, “Originally, ultra-broadband networks were focused on delivering connectivity. Then we shifted gears to pursue better experience. In the 5.5G era, ultra-broadband will focus on further unleashing productivity of digital services, so that everyone can access digital services more easily and efficiently, regardless of where they are. Such next-generation digital infrastructure will provide ubiquitous 10-gigabit access, elastic ultra-broadband transport, and massive computing power supported by hyper-converged data centers. The rollout of this new generation of digital infrastructure will also enable faster development of the digital economy. Huawei will join hands with customers and industry partners to drive F5.5G and Net5.5G evolution as well as the entire ultra-broadband industry forward to maximize digital productivity.”

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