Huawei V5 75-inch lineup Smart TV first sale date announced

Huawei has now announced that it will start selling its new 75-inch smart screen V5 series on March 21st. The new 75-inch Huawei Smart Screen V5 series is powered with Huawei’s Lingxi pointing remote control technology.

Immerse yourself in the giant screen, 99% ultra-high screen-to-body ratio, and enjoy the boundless world; 0.99 mm ultra-narrow bezel, exquisite metal brushing technology, it is a pleasure to see and touch.

‏The new 75-inch Huawei Smart Screen V5 series also supports “Super Desktop”. Relying on the distributed capabilities of H‏‏armony‏‏OS‏‏, applications on Huawei mobile phones and tablets can be used directly on the smart screen, and the application ecological scale ‏‏Directly ‏‏jump to ‏‏million‏‏‏‏level‏‏ mobile applications, expanding the ecological scale 10,000 times.

Huawei V5

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