Huawei Vision Smart Screen 4 SE pre-sale details

Huawei Vision Smart Screen 4 SE sale starts and it is available in three sizes: 55 inches: 2499 yuan, 65 inches: 2999 yuan and 75 inches: 3999 yuan.

Huawei Vision Smart Screen 4 SE pre-sale details

The all new Vision Smart Screen 4 SE supports 4K is equipped with a new generation of high-definition AI cameras, and is pre-installed with the HarmonyOS 4.2 operating system.

4K Super Screen Mirroring provides a total of 8 screen mirroring methods. It supports one-touch screen mirroring. Screen mirroring can be done under no network or different Wi-Fi. It also supports automatically turning on the message do not disturb function , and the clarity is as high as 4K.

This smart screen has been upgraded with a self-developed large-core chip, supports 4K 120FPS decoding, and upgraded HDMI 2.1 interface to support ALLM automatic low latency, VRR variable refresh rate and 4K 120Hz video input.

Huawei Vision Smart Screen 4 SE is equipped with dual 120Hz smooth eye protection (120Hz clear and smooth + 120Hz frequency doubling technology) , Honghu color, Honghu color Clear super-resolution technology and Honghu HDR enhancement technology.

In terms of audio, the 75-inch version is equipped with 2 full-range units + 2 low-frequency units, and the 65- and 55-inch versions are equipped with two full-range units. The AI ​​camera specification is 1080p F/2.2 and supports member online reminder and portrait tracking functions.

Huawei Vision Smart Screen 4 SE is now available for pre-sale for 100 yuan, with 55/65/75-inch versions available. It will officially go on sale on April 28.

Huawei Vision Smart Screen 4 SE

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