Huawei VR Glass hitting the market on Dec 19th

Huawei two months ago launched the HUAWEI VR Glass with a price tag of 2999 Yuan. Huawei VR Glass light the headset is finally hitting the market on Thursday, December 19th.

The height of the HUAWEI VR Glass glasses is 51.5mm and the thickness of the 26.6mm (the thickness of the front shell to the lens tube) is about 1/3 of the traditional VR head display, and the Huawi VR Glass contains only 166g of mask and exposed cable.

The Huawei VR Glass also include a screen resolution of 3200×160 for a PPI of up to 1058. We then have a 90-degree field of view and 70 / 90Hz variable refresh rate.

huawei vr glass image


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