Huawei wafer alignment efficiency patent approved

According to the latest information, the Huawei patent related to improved wafer alignment efficiency and alignment accuracy is now approved. The patent is called “Wafer Processing Device and Wafer Processing Method”, the publication number is CN117219552A, and the applied date was June 2022.

Wafer handling equipment includes: [Patent description]

  • Wafer carrier, the wafer carrier can rotate along the rotation axis;
  • Robotic arms, including manipulators, used to transport wafers and place wafers on wafer stages;
  • The controller and calibration components include: a grating plate, fixed relative to the wafer carrier;

The light source is fixed relative to the grating plate; and the imaging element is fixedly arranged on the mechanical arm and is adapted to receive light emitted from the light source and transmitted through the grating plate.

The controller is configured to control the robotic arm or an adjustment device on the robotic arm to adjust the position of the wafer based on the detection of the received light by the imaging element.

Huawei wafer alignment efficiency patent approved (1)

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