[Download APK] Huawei Wallet update adds Health Code Card

Huawei started updating its Wallet application to the latest version The new app update adds a Health code card, which already supports some NFC models. Huawei Wallet app description says, if you want to use it you can do it by double-clicking the power button.

Huawei Wallet provides users with daily payment services, which now cover various scenarios such as convenient travel, mobile payment, smart life, and epidemic prevention zones.

Huawei Wallet update

Huawei Wallet currently provides convenient services for itinerary cards and health codes, of which health codes only support HarmonyOS mobile phones.

Huawei Wallet helps you turn your loyalty cards into digital ones you can keep on your phone. Get reminders to use your coupons, enjoy exclusive offers and more. The app can even remind you when you’re near somewhere you have a card for and help you get reward points at checkout.

Download Huawei Wallet Application APK [August 29, 2022]

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