Huawei wallet AITO car key public test starts: support Bluetooth car key and NFC car key

Huawei Wallet (used for making payment) supports Huawei Pay bank cards, transportation cards, door keys, change, membership cards, flower coins and other functions.

Recently, Huawei Wallet starts the public test of the AITO car key function. Users can click “Wallet home page – card package upper right corner ‘+’ key – car key” and select the AITO car key to activate.

After the digital car key is successfully activated, the NFC-enabled Huawei mobile phone will activate the Bluetooth car key and the NFC car key at the same time , and the keys can be inquired in the Huawei wallet.

  • NFC key can be used to open the door and start the vehicle; the Bluetooth car key can trigger non-inductive unlocking when it is close to the door, and trigger non-inductive locking when it is far away from the door.
  • Open the car door: the corresponding NFC swiping position is in the NFC mark area of ​​the left ear of the car, and the NFC swiping area of ​​the mobile phone is close to the NFC area of ​​the car ear.
  • Start the vehicle: You can directly start the vehicle within 5 minutes of entering the car. After more than 5 minutes, you need to place the mobile phone in the wireless charging area to complete an NFC card swipe.
  • AITO App-Digital car key-click the 4 dots in the upper right corner-turn on the Bluetooth sensorless unlocking switch.



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