Huawei Watch 4 Pro Space Exploration Edition to launch on April 8

Huawei has recently the warm-up video for the WATCH 4 Pro Space Exploration Edition. The company will launch the new products at a live event on April 8.

Huawei WATCH 4 Pro space exploration watch will use nano-microcrystalline ceramic bezel, ultra-hard diamond titanium and spherical sapphire glass.

For reference, all Huawei Watch 4 series watches come standard with ECG analysis, heart health research, vascular health research, and respiratory health research. It added vascular age detection, cardiovascular risk screening, hyperglycemia risk assessment research, and micro-physical examination functions.

In addition, Huawei WATCH 4 Pro also supports 5ATM waterproofing and 4.5 days of battery life (officially, the ultra-long battery life mode is 21 days).

Huawei Watch 4 Pro Space Exploration Edition

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