Huawei whole house smart host SE released: double 86 box size

On March 16, 2022, Huawei hosted a new conference for the whole house smart solutions, the company brings host SE which is an AI ​​center of the whole house, which realizes cross-system management of the whole house. It is also the interconnection center of the whole house, with a high-speed connection, stable and reliable, ensures that the equipment is disconnected and continuously connected.

Previously, Huawei has launched a whole-house smart host, which is suitable for large apartments of more than 150 square meters, while Huawei’s whole-house smart host SE is suitable for small and medium-sized apartments less than 150 square meters.

It is only the size of two 86 boxes, which can be installed in the switch position, and the embedded installation is convenient. Supporting 128 PLC nodes, the network performance is improved by 50 times, the anti-interference performance is improved by 100 times, and the cable is saved by 90%.

Huawei’s all-scenario smart life adopts the 1+2+N Huawei whole-house intelligent solution. The so-called “1+2+N”, “1” refers to the whole house AI, “2” refers to the whole house PLC control bus, the whole house House Wi-Fi 6+.

“N” refers to various ecological products, including lighting intelligent control system, safety protection system, environmental intelligent control system, water intelligent control system, audio-visual entertainment system, sleep assistance system, intelligent home appliance system, sunshade intelligent control system, etc.

Huawei whole house smart host SE Huawei whole house smart host SE-1 Huawei whole house smart host SE-2 Huawei whole house smart host SE-3

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