Huawei WiFi 3 Pro is officially on sale

Huawei launched the accompanying WiFi 3 Pro recently and the standard version is priced at 499 yuan. As compared to the previous generation, this new WiFi has changed from a micro USB interface to a Type-C interface, adding WiFi support in the 5Ghz frequency band, upgrading from Cat 4 to Cat 7, doubling the uplink and downlink speeds, and doubling the battery capacity. Battery life is greatly enhanced.

Huawei Accompanying WiFi 3 Pro supports 4G + full Netcom, 300Mbps high-speed Internet access, and is equipped with a large 3000mAh battery, up to 12h long battery life, 700 hours standby time, and only the size of a credit card, very thin and small, can be easily imported bag or bag.

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As per the weight, the device comes with 113g and is suitable for self-driving travel, outdoor live broadcast, business travel, and other scenarios.

It supports simultaneous access to up to 32 devices, supports 2.4G and 5GHz dual-band connections, and has a maximum speed of 876Mbps.

Huawei WiFi 3 Pro image Huawei WiFi 3 Pro

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