Huawei will launch high-voltage ultra-fast charging solutions for EV this year

“Huawei is all set to release the latest hyper-converged all-in-one electric drive system product, the objective of which is to create an A-class car market.” Huawei is launching high-voltage ultra-fast charging in contrast to the same. This news has newly driven directly from the recent international forum of the China Electric Vehicle 100 Forum (2023).

Where ‘Hou Jinlong’, President of Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co., Ltd. addresses the attendees. While adding more Huawei will release the second-generation high-voltage platform power domain solution this year to support high-voltage ultra-fast charging.

“We hope to achieve 200 kilometers in 5 minutes, and we will release a brand new platform.”

Huawei’s world’s first overcharge capital with its solutions

Spreading the high evolutionary solution across the world, the Chinese tech giant plans either to build the world’s first “overcharge capital” (including more than 1,000 overcharge piles) in Guangzhou. A network for “charging, storing, and releasing” in Shenzhen. Also, a network for charging, storing, and parking in Chongqing, and a network for charging and storing in Zhengzhou. Landing stop charging integrated smart charging, etc.

Additionally, as a recent movement, a group of pictures of suspected Huawei ultra-fast charging piles has been exposed on the Internet, with a maximum output power of 600kW.

On its official website of Huawei, the matter dug up “the charging pile was officially named “FusionCharge”. Which is suspected to be a liquid-cooled structure.



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