Huawei won the 2020 WWF Climate Entrepreneur Award

According to the latest information, at the “Climate Action Week-2021 Zero Carbon Mission International Climate Summit”  Huawei won the “2020 Climate Entrepreneur of the Year” award for its world-leading FusionSolar smart photovoltaic solution.

This summit launched the annual “Carbon Neutral Actor” Award for Response to Climate Change for the first time. The award strictly follows the Scientific Carbon Goals Initiative (SBTi) and the United Nations-supported Race to Zero initiative standards to encourage corporate climate action to promote the establishment and completion of emission reduction targets in all walks of life and set an example of action.

Criteria for this award include:

  • Technological advancement (accounting for 20%)
  • Economy (accounting for 20%)
  • Maturity (accounting for 15%)
  • Ecological and environmental benefits (accounting for 20%)
  • Growth potential (accounting for 15%)
  • Social benefits (accounting for 10%).

As of June 30, 2021, Huawei Digital Energy has assisted customers in achieving green power generation of 403.4 billion kWh, saving 12.4 billion kWh of electricity, and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 200 million tons, which is equivalent to planting 270 million trees.

The 2020-2021 Climate Starter Project was launched in December 2020. After multiple rounds of review, expert review, and on-site defense, Huawei’s FusionSolar smart photovoltaic solution finally won out of many candidate technologies.

Huawei won the 2020 WWF Climate Entrepreneur Award Huawei won the 2020 WWF Climate Entrepreneur Award-1 Huawei won the 2020 WWF Climate Entrepreneur Award-2


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