Huawei’s 3rd Gen. 5G Massive MIMO products are first commercialized overseas in the Philippines

According to the latest information, Huawei is now the leading tech firm in the large-scale commercial deployment of the third-generation 5G M-MIMO product MetaAAU in the Philippines.

Huawei said that as Huawei’s third-generation 5G RAN series products, MetaAAU applies a series of wireless communication technologies, ” with the best performance and the lowest energy consumption, it is the key path for the evolution to 5.5G network .”

As the latest report indicates, at the 3.5GHz MetaAAU in the Philippines, the download rate and upload rate of users have increased by 35%. In view of the large distance between stations in the Philippines, the coverage radius is expanded by 30%, allowing more users to access the 5G network, and the average traffic increases by 37%.

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