Huawei’s car wireless charging patent authorized

According to the information, Huawei’s patent for “wireless charging receiver, transmitter, system, control method and electric vehicle” was authorized.

The patent details show that the present application discloses a wireless charging receiver, transmitter, system, control method, and electric vehicle, and relates to the technical field of wireless charging.

Among them, the low-frequency magnetic field receiving coil at the receiving end converts the low-frequency magnetic field into an induction signal; when the low-frequency magnetic field transmitting coils at the receiving end stop working, the controller at the receiving end assigns each low-frequency magnetic field transmitting coil a signal characteristic different from that of the current induction signal.

The transmitter controller controls the inverter circuit according to the corresponding relationship to make each low-frequency magnetic field transmitter coil work. Mutual interference between low-frequency magnetic field signals of adjacent parking spaces can be avoided by using the above receiving end and transmitting end.

Huawei car wireless charging patent authorized

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