Huawei’s upcoming gaming laptop may feature 200W charger, Certified by 3C

Huawei/Honor gaming laptop may be launched soon. On July 9, 2020, a new Huawei charger HW-200A00P00 has received a certificate by 3C and have a maximum of 200W (20V, 10A) charging support.

According to the 3C certifications, the upcoming model names are FRD-WDG9, FRD-WFG9, FRD-WDD9, and FRD-WFD9.

Huawei Gaming laptop

Also, the Honor MagicBook AMD Ryzen Edition will be released on July 16. It will arrive with a thin body, 16GB of DDR4 RAM and have an upgraded Ryzen 4000 series chipset from the Honor MagicBook 14/15 and MagicBook Pro.

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