IDC and Huawei jointly released the All-flash Data Center White Paper

According to the official information, on July 22, the 2021 Huawei Financial Innovation Data Infrastructure Summit was successfully held in Inner Mongolia. At the conference, Shi Qiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Hulunbuir Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor, stated in his speech: The financial industry is a benchmark industry for the application of data digitization technology, and its digital transformation is inseparable from the information technology infrastructure. It must give full play to the multiplier role of data elements. Build and use the new engine of data infrastructure well, and use technology to further strengthen the security and capacity building of the financial system.

At the summit, IDC and Huawei jointly released the “All-Flash Data Center White Paper-Entering the All-Flash Data Center Era, Leading Digital Transformation.”

IDC and Huawei

Officials said that Huawei’s all-flash data center solution has obvious advantages in terms of IOPS, low latency, throughput, energy efficiency, power consumption, and other aspects , and can provide all-scenario flash memory inclusiveness and all-scenario data protection. , Automated operation and maintenance, and high-speed network connection and other application capabilities, helping financial customers move into the digital age.

According to the index introduced by the research manager of the IDC China Enterprise Research Department, an all-flash data center refers to a data center where more than 90% of the storage capacity needs to be provided by solid-state drives (including external storage systems and server built-in storage), and at the same time has high density, high reliability, low latency, low energy consumption and other characteristics, can carry enterprise core business, emerging business and applications.


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