MWC 2022: Huawei FTTR gigabit all-optical room solution

At the MWC 22 Barcelona, ​​Huawei released the industry’s first FTTR gigabit all-optical room solution. This solution lays optical fibers to every room, allowing each room to achieve Gigabit Wi-Fi 6 coverage.

Huawei said that for home users, Huawei proposed the FTTR For Home solution. The solution consists of Huawei FTTR master gateway, FTTR slave gateway, transparent fiber and other optical network components.

Key Highlights:

Lay optical fibers to each room, and use Wi-Fi 6 Internet access technology to achieve a measured rate of 1200Mbps in each room.

The whole house Wi-Fi hotspot can be switched without perception, and the delay is less than 20ms.

Real-time control of Wi-Fi network status through intelligent operation and maintenance, one-key detection, and remote repair.

Ultra-flexible and transparent optical fiber is used as the networking medium, which is corrosion-resistant, low-cost, and environmentally friendly, with a service life of up to 30 years.

Huawei FTTR gigabit all-optical room solution
Huawei FTTR gigabit all-optical room solution

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