On March 16 Huawei will release a new generation of whole-house intelligence products

It is now official, on March 16, Huawei will hold the 2022 Huawei Whole House Smart and All-Scenario New Product Spring Conference, which will bring a series of new products and whole-house smart solutions.

On March 11, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business and Huawei’s executive director, revealed that at this conference, Huawei will bring a new generation of whole-house intelligence. It can automatically adjust the appropriate lighting atmosphere, temperature, and detect indoor air conditions according to the current scene.

For example, in the movie viewing mode, the curtains will automatically close, the lights will automatically dim, and the smart screen and speakers will automatically form a surround sound playback, bringing an immersive audio-visual experience.

Huawei will launch the Huawei 1+2+N whole-house intelligent solution in 2021. The 1st machine is equipped with the HarmonyOS central control system; the 2nd network is the whole-house PLC and the whole-house Wi-Fi 6 + two networks; N systems are rich in the scalable HarmonyOS ecosystem. For your information, HarmonyOS has now united 1000+ brands to provide consumers with 3000+ smart hardware.

Huawei will also release multiple categories of products at this conference, including the new color matching of the Huawei P50 mobile phone, MatePad Paper, Huawei Sound Joy speakers, smart door locks, etc.

Huawei Whole House Smart Products - March 16 Event Huawei Whole House Smart Products - March 16 Event-1 Huawei Whole House Smart Products - March 16 Event-2

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