OpenHarmony 3.0 successfully adapted Loongson 1C300B chip

The company successfully transplanted OpenHarmony 3.0 to the Zhilong development board within a week, with the onboard chip 1C300B. 1C300 is a cost-effective single-chip system based on the GS232 processor core of Loongson. It has a built-in floating-point processing unit, supports multiple types of memory, supports large-capacity MLC flash memory chips, and can be used in industrial control, Internet of Things and other fields.

OpenHarmony is an open-source project incubated and operated by the Open Atom Foundation. The goal is to build a framework and platform for the intelligent terminal device operating system for the era of full scenarios, full connectivity, and full intelligence. The prosperity and development of the Internet of Everything industry.

At present, the latest OpenHarmony 3.0 code supports various CPUs such as ARM, RISC-V, and x86. However, the current OpenHarmony lightweight system does not support MIPS architecture chips, let alone the Loongson development board.

The community stated that OpenHarmony 3.0 was transplanted to the Zhilong development board, and the MIPS ARCH transplantation and 1c300b chip transplantation were realized. Currently, multi-task switching, interrupts, and systick have been ported. Tasks can be run and context switched normally. Several key-press and LED code examples have been made in the code. The code is currently open source, allowing more developers to participate and improve together.

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