Petal Search: Exciting New Features Over the Year

Huawei’s Petal Search has brought a good value to users, giving amazing search experiences tailor-made for each unique need. We are here in the month of the new year. The years come to a new start and it’s time for some reflection.

Petal Search Count:

As of September 2021, Petal Search has 32 million monthly active users. That’s a whopping increase of 320% from 2020.

Petal Search Supported Languages:

Petal search now supports over 70 languages, with an addition of over 20 languages this year.

Petal Search Exciting New Features:

Huawei is continuously working on improving the Petal Search to do more for you. With Petal Search 2.0’s next-generation updates, the world is in your hands. Featuring an elevated All-in-One Search experience powered by AI-accelerated Intelligent Search integration, the Petal search engine provides a full spectrum search experience that goes way beyond your smartphone, allowing each user to unlock cognitive search capabilities not found in other search engines. The company has added the Nearby function and Petal Go, which you’ll see upon entering Petal Search’s homepage.

With Petal Go, users get access to a collection of information cards and tool cards, displaying anything from the weather to sports to how-tos (we live for life hacks) and more.

Petal Search Exciting New Features Over the Year

Petal Search Big Move:

Huawei has officially launched the Petal Search Engine in China. It is relatively clean and has no ads. Options are provided: display language, search language, search area, safe search, incognito mode, historical search, etc.

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