Ren Zhengfei interview on 5G and 6G

Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei recently gave an interview with the South China Morning Post, he particularly focused on 5G and 6G.

According to him, 5G is especially intended for companies, the normal user doesn’t seem to be that important. Rather, 5G is an industry-standard.

5G will be more relevant to business (commercial) customers than to users overall. The new network is suitable for industrial control. It is characterized by high bandwidth, low latency, and other functions that are important for industrial production.

“5G is for businesses, this is called ToB, and it is ToC for consumers. We believe ToB is the greatest use that commercial users can use to create some advanced things. For example, the large open pit mine in Brazil can be completely unmanned, only used to control 5G, large farms can also be completely unmanned. Tractors can farm land for 24 hours as long as you remember to refuel. In good areas in Africa, when agricultural machinery works 24 hours, how good will these technologies be? There are many uses, and 5G was just born and has not yet reached a very strong level in using functions such as anti-jitter functions, but continues to study math and theory, – Ren Zhengfei

Ren Zhengfei also gave an insight into the next-generation 6G networks. In his opinion, 6G is not really thought through to the end in theory and in other aspects. However, the next network standard should be ready for use by 2030. So we have to wait 10 years for 6G if everything goes according to plan.


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