SMIC is preparing 5nm Huawei Kirin chipsets

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) is preparing 5nm Huawei Kirin chipsets. Reportedly, SMIC is utilizing deep ultraviolet (DUV) technology for these chips. 

SMIC’s progress on advanced Huawei Kirin chipsets has been limited by the economic sanctions placed by the US.

According to an industry official, “SMIC is preparing a 5nm process through DUV, and photomask usage is expected to increase further.” One thing to note is that other chip manufacturers utilize EUV for advanced chipset fabrication. But SMIC doesn’t have that freedom. After all, the US sanctions have barred it from obtaining EUV machinery.

Compared to EUV, DUV processes are expensive and very inefficient. The same industry official said, “A large number of photomasks should be used compared to extreme ultraviolet (EUV) in the production of 7nm process through DUV.”

Huawei Kirin

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