StreetVoice and Huawei Music launched cooperation for spatial audio

Huawei Music and StreetVoice together collaborated for copyright cooperation in the field of spatial audio. According to the information, the first batch of Audio Vivid spatial audio works totaled more than 70 songs, which have been launched in the Huawei Music Spatial Audio Zone.

The list includes pop, hip-hop, R&B, electronic and other situational genres. Singers include YIona Garcia, Chick en Chicks, KAZE, Amber Kuo, MILLI, Stephanie Poetri, KnowKnow, NIKI and many more.

You can now search for “Street Sound” in the Huawei Music App and feel the spatial audio experience. Huawei Music is a platform that supports Audio Vivid. It has launched a spatial audio version with a rich music library, as well as content including electronic music, OST, jazz, national style, etc., to open up the spatial audio listening experience from technology to equipment.

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StreetVoice and Huawei Music

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