The first HarmonyOS 2 ink tablet Huawei MatePad Paper launched

On March 16, 2022, at the 2022 Huawei Whole House Smart and Whole Scene New Product Spring Launch Conference in China, Huawei’s first ink tablet equipped with HarmonyOS 2, Huawei MatePad Paper officially launched.

Huawei MatePad Paper comes with a 10.3-inch full display and has a 1872*1404 resolution, 86.3% screen ratio, built-in reading light, supports 32-level brightness adjustment, and passed the German Rhine-like paper display certification.

Reading any document gives a feel of a paper book, making reading articles or documents more comfortable and immersive.

Huawei MatePad Paper supports the second-generation M-Pencil, 26ms low latency, and 4096 pressure sensitivity. Not only can it be handwritten and recorded, but it can also convert the handwritten content into standard text.

In terms of book content, Huawei reading software is built-in, providing more than 1.65 million reading resources.

Huawei MatePad Paper can easily receive files on the PC because users can directly map it to a hard disk on the PC. In other respects, Huawei MatePad Paper supports Wi-Fi 6, is equipped with a fingerprint power button, dual speakers has a 4-week standby battery life, and offers three colors of jet black, brocade white, and clear blue.

Huawei MatePad Paper Price:

  • Huawei MatePad Paper 4GB+64GB is priced at 2,999 yuan
  • Huawei MatePad Paper 6GB+128GB is priced at 3,699 yuan, including stylus and leather case

Huawei MatePad Paper sale will start in April 2022.

Huawei MatePad Paper First HarmonyOS 2 ink tablet

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