These 24 Huawei 5G models passed Bluetooth filing

Huawei’s upcoming new 5G models have now passed the Bluetooth filing. The list includes Nova 13 – Nova 16 and many other models, all of which provide standard version, Pro version and Ultra version.

These Huawei 5G models passed Bluetooth filing

  • HUAWEI nova 13, MLA-NXS
  • HUAWEI nova 13, MLA-ANOO
  • HUAWEI nova 14, EMA-NX9
  • HUAWEI nova 14, EMA-ANOO
  • HUAWEI nova 15, LEA-NX9
  • HUAWEI nova 15, LEA-ANOO
  • HUAWEI nova 16, LMA-NX9
  • HUAWEI nova 16, LMA-ANOO
  • HUAWEI nova 13 Pro, TLR-NX9
  • HUAWEI nova 13 Pro, TLR-ANOO
  • HUAWEI nova 14 Pro, LPA-NX9
  • HUAWEI nova 14 Pro, LPA-ANOO
  • HUAWEI nova 15 Pro, YNE-NX9
  • HUAWEI nova 15 Pro, YNE-ANOO
  • HUAWEI nova 16 Pro, JLE-NX9
  • HUAWEI nova 16 Pro, JLE-ANOO
  • HUAWEI nova 13 Ultra, MGT-NX9
  • HUAWEI nova 13 Ultra, MGT-ANOO
  • HUAWEI nova 14 Ultra, SLT-NX9
  • HUAWEI nova 14 Ultra, SLT-ANOO
  • HUAWEI nova 15 Ultra, ANA-NX9
  • HUAWEI nova 15 Ultra, ANA-ANOO
  • HUAWEI nova 16 Ultra, MRA-NX9
  • HUAWEI nova 16 Ultra, MRA-ANOO

As per the Weibo tipster Digital chat station, the model consisting of AL are 4G mobile phones, and the suffix of AN is 5G mobile phones. It was earlier revealed that “Huawei will launch 5G mobile phones in October.”

AL are 4G mobile phones, and the suffix of AN is 5G mobile phones.

Reuters also previously reported that Huawei currently has the technology and ability to use its own semiconductor design tools and mass-produce 5G chips through the cooperation of SMIC. It is expected to return to the 5G mobile phone market by the end of this year, but the initial 5G chip yield rate is low. At 50%, shipments will be limited to around 2-4 million.

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