US to Indian companies: Don’t share our goods with Huawei

The US has warned the Indian government that companies found supplying equipment or other products of American origin to Huawei or its units could face punitive action, said people with knowledge of the matter. The May 27 letter, sent to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), is being seen as part of US efforts to intensify pressure on India to act against the Chinese company.

Three questions have been posed by the MEA — to examine information provided by the US, including possibility of action against Indian firms that supply US-origin software and equipment to Huawei and also to provide views on the recommendations of a recent 5G security conference at Prague and overall opinion on the matter,” the official said.

An official said the Prague summit called for a robust security framework.

“A country’s communications system should be designed with resilience and security, and should have its own security policies,” he said, citing the summit’s key recommendation. It didn’t name any company or country. “So, on the issues of privacy and security, we are in confirmation with these principles outlined at the Prague conference that each country’s communication network should be safe and secure.”

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