What’s new in HarmonyOS August 2022 security details?

Recently, Huawei listed the EMUI August 2022 security patch details on its official portal, the latest patch fixes 2 critical and 10 High levels of CVEs while there are no medium and low levels of CVEs. After this, now the Chinese tech giant has shared HarmonyOS August 2022 patch details.

What’s new in HarmonyOS August 2022 security details?

The August 2022 HarmonyOS mobile security patch details include fixes for 4 CVEs in the framework, 1 CVE in the kernel, 1 CVE in the system, 5 CVEs in the Application, and 35 CVEs in the third-party libraries. This bulletin contains details about the security vulnerabilities that have been fixed by security patch 2022-08-01.


CVE-2021-40034 – Severity (Critical)

CVE-2021-40052 – Severity (High)

CVE-2021-40012 – Severity (Medium)

CVE-2022-37007 – Severity (Medium)


CVE-2022-37001 – Severity (High)


CVE-2022-37008 – Severity (Medium)


CVE-2022-37002 – Severity (High)

CVE-2022-37004 – Severity (High)

CVE-2022-37003 – Severity (Medium)

CVE-2022-37005 – Severity (Medium)

CVE-2021-40030 – Severity (Medium)

Third-Party Library

CVE-2022-20222 – Severity (Critical)
CVE-2022-20229 – Severity (Critical)
CVE-2021-30343 – Severity (Critical)
CVE-2021-30347 – Severity (Critical)
CVE-2022-20127 – Severity (Critical)
CVE-2022-20221 – Severity (High)
CVE-2022-20223 – Severity (High)
CVE-2022-20224 – Severity (High)
CVE-2022-20225 – Severity (High)
CVE-2022-20226 – Severity (High)
CVE-2022-20228 – Severity (High)
CVE-2022-20230 – Severity (High)
CVE-2022-20220 – Severity (High)
CVE-2022-20227 – Severity (High)
CVE-2022-22058 – Severity (High)
CVE-2022-20124 – Severity (High)
CVE-2022-20129 – Severity (High)
CVE-2022-20138 – Severity (High)
CVE-2022-20144 – Severity (High)
CVE-2021-35073 – Severity (High)
CVE-2021-35076 – Severity (High)
CVE-2021-35086 – Severity (High)
CVE-2021-35096 – Severity (High)
CVE-2021-30340 – Severity (High)
CVE-2022-20123 – Severity (High)
CVE-2022-20131 – Severity (High)
CVE-2022-20147 – Severity (High)
CVE-2022-21745 – Severity (High)
CVE-2022-20194 – Severity (Medium)
CVE-2022-20198 – Severity (Medium)
CVE-2022-20209 – Severity (Medium)
CVE-2018-25020 – Severity (Medium)
CVE-2021-44733 – Severity (Medium)
CVE-2021-33034 – Severity (Medium)
CVE-2022-20154 – Severity (Medium)

HarmonyOS August 2022 security details

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