Xbox boss Phil Spencer: Call of Duty will remain on PlayStation for as long as it available

Phil Spencer wishes to reduce any panic that Call of Duty might leave PlayStation players behind. The news coming from the most trusted website The Verge reports an interview with Justine and Jenna Ezarik’s podcast Same Brain, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said that the company will stay its product on the PlayStation. The Call of Duty franchise, even if Microsoft completes its acquisition of Activision Blizzard, will remain available on the PlayStation.

Apart from that when questioned about the future of the franchise, Spencer verified very accurately that “we’re not keeping Call of Duty from PlayStation.” The Xbox boss move even further and said that “as long as there’s a PlayStation move there to transfer then our intent is that we properly ship Call of Duty on PlayStation.”

“As long as there’s a PlayStation out there to transfer to, our purpose is that we are uninterrupted to ship Call of Duty on PlayStation,” said Spencer on the Same Brain podcast. “Same as to what we’ve finished through Minecraft, since we’ve taken that, we’ve expanded the sights people can play Minecraft. We haven’t minimized the places, and it’s been superior for the Minecraft community in their opinion, and they wish to perform the same as we thought about where Call of Duty can move.”

Spencer perceives to wish to offer a Call of Duty Minecraft treatment. When Xbox gain Mojang, the organization behind Minecraft, people were afraid that the organization would construct a game importantly to its console. Even so, Microsoft continued to launch Minecraft on every platform it could receive its hands on and now Minecraft is the great-selling game of all time.

The Xbox boss perceives to wish to select a similar road through Call of Duty. Spencer even said that he would love to glance at the franchise on the Nintendo Switch one day.

“Call of Duty particularly will be present on PlayStation,” said Spencer. “they would like to perceive it on the Switch, I’d like to look the game playable on many dissimilar screens. Our aim is to treat Call of Duty like Minecraft.”


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