You can now add Huawei Share OneHop to older Matebook laptops

Huawei has now announced that older Huawei Matebook models will also have Huawei Share OneHop.

The feature uses NFC so Huawei has stated that from May 11, owners of Huawei MateBook X Pro, MateBook X and MateBook D (2018 models) can carry their laptop to a Huawei Customer Service Center to install an NFC tag for free.

The NFC tag is a passive device with no power of its own. Accordingly, when one is used, the user touches an NFC enabled device onto the tag. A small amount of power is taken by the NFC tag from the reader/writer to power the tag electronics. For now, seems to be available in China only but we expect Huawei to roll it out globally soon.


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